The White Wolf

by Paul Féval
edited by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier

cover by Mike Hoffman

Nicolas de La Tremelle is a pro-independence Breton lord. He decides to go and fight in duel with Philippe II, Duke of Orléans: if he wins Brittany will be free, but if he loses, he will be sentenced for crime of lèse-majesté. Before he leaves Brittany, he makes an agreement with his cousin Hervé de Vaunoy so that his grandson Georges will inherit his estate if he dies. But Georges is just a five-year-old child and Nicolas is put in the Bastille with his servant Jude Leker.The villainous Hervé tries to drown the boy but an albino peasant called Jean Blanc rescues him. 

About twenty years later, in 1740, the forest of Rennes has become the Wolves' den: the Wolves are poor peasants who want to take revenge of the lords who oppress them. Their leader is called the White Wolf. A young officer of the King, Captain Didier, is sent out to bring them to heel....

La Loup Blanc (1843)
Introduction and Notes by Jean-Marc Lofficier