The Imaginative Legacy of Jacques de Vaucanson
Edited & translated by Brian Stableford

Cover by Oliver & Stephan Peru

The Mirror of Present Events by Félix Nogaret (1790)
Mademoiselle de La Choupillière by Jacques Boucher de Perthes (1832)
Major Whittington by Charles Barbara (1858)
The Automaton by Ralph Schropp (1878)
The Man of the Sea by Arnold Mortier (1883)
Industria by Didier de Chousy (1883)
Mrs. Little by Edmond Thiaudière (1886)
Mannequin Man by Jean Rameau (1887)
The Revolt of the Machines by Emile Goudeau (1888)
The Future Terror by Marcel Schwob (1890)
The Revolt of the Machines by Henri Ner (1896)
The Automaton by Léon Daudet (1897)
The American’s Murder by Frédéric Boutet (1921)
The Revolt of the Machines by Romain Rolland (1921)