New Releases (February 2018)

 In 1965

by Albert Robida - adapted  by Brian Stableford - cover by Phil Cohen. READ AN EXCERPT - 252 p. - US$ 20.95

In 1965 (1920) is a amicable and breezy work, with only a slight macabre edge in its comedy, recapitulating and updating the technological innovations of The Electric Life. The history of the twentieth century sketched out in Robida’s earlier books is modified in order to accommodate the Great War, the aftermath of which plays a considerable part in the back-story. Its futurological elements introduce several significant innovations to supplement the telephonoscope and the commonplace use of private aircrafts and flying houses... Also included is Centaur Island (1912), a fine example of modern Gulliveriana. 

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 The Companions of the Silence

by Paul Féval - adapted by Brian Stableford - cover by Nathalie Lial. READ AN EXCERPT - 548 p. - US$ 34.95

In 1808, the three children of Mario Monteleone, grandmaster of the Iron Knights, a secret society in Southern Italy, are kidnapped by a mysterious enemy. In 1815, Mario himself is arrested and executed. The Iron Knights then morph into the Companions of the Silence, which have sworn to avenge Mario, but eventually turn to crime. In 1823, a mysterious stranger walks into their midst, claiming to be the notorious bandit Bel Demonio, but in fact, he is Mario’s eldest son, Fulvio. He then takes over the Companions and embarks on a mission of vengeance, while defying the traps laid for him by the diabolical Chief of Police, Johann Spurzheim. The Companions of the Silence forms an important bridge between the author’s earlier tales of heroic banditry and the pioneering exercises in crime fiction that began with John Devil (1862) and continued with the The Black Coats (1863-75).

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by Gerard Klein - adapted by C.J. Richards and P.J. Sokolowski. READ AN EXCERPT - 404 p. - US$ 32.95

STARMASTERS’ GAMBIT: Jerg Algan travels to the furthest reaches of space, to a planet where lay vast black citadels, like gigantic chess pieces erected on the squares of an unimaginable board. THE DAY BEFORE TOMORROW: The Federation considered itself a utopia, guaranteed stability by virtue of the time-changers... THE MOTE IN TIME’S EYE: A spaceship from the future is thrown back 200 million years into the past. Will it affect a time war between the two cosmic combatants? This new edition of three classic novels also contains four short stories, two of which have never before been translated, plus a foreword by Robert Silverberg.

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 The Works of Maurice Magre

All twelve volumes; retail value of US$300, available for US$250 US domestic freight included (= 20% discount).

Maurice Magre (1877-1941) was one of the most far-ranging and extravagant French writers of fantastic fiction in the first half of the 20th century, and perhaps the finest of them, because of the fertility and versatility of his imagination and the manner and purpose for which he deployed it. 

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