New Releases (July 2017)

 The Green Eyes 

by Henri de Saint-Georges - adapted  by Brian Stableford - cover by Fabien Fernandez. READ AN EXCERPT - 240 p. - US$ 21.95

In The Green Eyes  (1872) young Albert Dumesnil wonders if the soul of his recently departed uncle has not reincarnated itself in the old man’s cat, Freyschutz. The text is carefully ambiguous in its presentation of the narrator’s account, always leaving open the possibility that the strange circumstances are the results of obsessive delusion and hallucination. The Green Eyes has a casual verve that sets it apart from other contemporary exercises in the same genre.

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 The Adventures of Marius Pegomas, Marseille Detective

by Pierre Yrondy - adapted by Nina Cooper - cover byGenkis. READ AN EXCERPT - 288 p. - US$ 22.95

Pierre Yrondy, the author of The Adventures of Thérèse Arnaud of the French Secret Service, penned those of Marius Pégomas, Marseille Detective, serialized in 35 installments published in 1936. Six of these are being translated here for the first time. Marius Pégomas is one of the first “regional detectives” and, physically, bears some resemblance to Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. He is a portly, yet remarkably fit, crime-solver  whose talents prove invaluable to local Police Commissioner Santelli. In this collection, with the help of hisfiancée, the pretty Flora Minuscule, Marius Pégomas tackles to the villainous Gangsters of La Joliette, an Opium-dealing ring and a female child trafficker nicknamed the “Ogress” of the Canebière... 

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 The Time Brigade: The Grail Wars

by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier & Timothy J. Green II - cover by Timothy J. Green II. - 48 p. color - US$ 12.95

Upon returning from a mission in time, the Time Brigade is captured by the Fairy Queen Vivien and find themselves prisoners on an Earth where Camelot never fell and continued to exist. They learn that Vivien seized the Holy Grail, and its mysterious powers enabled her to protect Camelot. She sees the Brigade as a threat to the existence of her world, and seeks to kill them. Our heroes are delivered by Parsifal, king of the Nuclear Knights, descendants of Arthur and the Round Table. But they soon discover that this Camelot is a rigid techno-medieval nightmare, from which all progress is banned. Parsifal realizes that the Brigade is a threat to him too, and also wants to destroy them...

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