New Releases May 2019

 The Incredible Adventure

three novellas assembled and adapted by Brian Stableford -  cover by Jean-Felix Lyon. READ AN EXCERPT - 344 p. - US$  26.95

The Incredible Adventure (1902) is about the inventor of a material vehicle capable of carrying passengers anywhere in the universe, and devotes considerable attention to hypothetical physical and psychological effects of the experience of approaching and transcending the velocity of light. The Triumph of Humankind (1911) sees the Earth moved out of its orbit and become an interstellar vehicle itself, eventually reaching the star Vega; it describes the adventure of our planet in its interstellar journey, and the future of humankind as a result of that displacement. Wireless Communication with the Stars (1930) features the development of a system of interstellar television, which provides its protagonist with a means of investigating life on twelve different planets scattered throughout the galaxy, in search of a possible key to human happiness.

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 The Man Who Could Read MInds

by Paul Gsell -  adapted by Brian Stableford - cover by Phil Cohen. READ AN EXCERPT - 288 p. - US$ 22.95

The Man Who Could Read Minds (1928), Jean Pilgrim manufactures strange spectacles that permit the observation of what is happening in the minds of others. Paul Gsell’s novel begins as a Voltairean satire, but soon changes both tone and direction as it progresses from relatively amiable exploration of the hypocrisies of art and science to scathing accounts of contemporary science and politics, before the comedy turns jet black in its account of modern warfare. The book combines a striking philosophical vision with a unique love story and a brief but graphic utopian fantasy. The sum of that multiple endeavor makes it one of the most remarkable examples of twentieth-century roman scientifique.

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by Léon Sazie - adapted by Michael Shreve - cover by Georges Vallée - READ AN EXCERPT - 540 p. - US$34.95

Zigomar is a character dreamed up by Léon Sazie in 1909, two years before the now much more celebrated Fantômas. An evil, nefarious character, a criminal genius, Zigomar was so popular in his time that his picture could be found on bags of bread, pipes and matchboxes. Masked, hooded, or in disguise, Zigomar constantly bedevils the law. The first of the masked super-criminals, he shares with Fantômas a taste for gratuitous, melodramatic crimes, imaginative atrocities (typhus-bearing mosquitoes being only one such example), murder, kidnapping, robbery, and torture. His inevitable escape from the clutches of the law, his perpetual evasion of justice, made him very popular with the public and he left his mark on the history of crime fiction.

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Hexagon Classics: New, Larger-Size Editions

Our b&w Hexagon Classics editions are now available in brand-new edition of 7x10" (instead of the previous 5x8") with some added bonuses AT THE SAME PRICE.

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