New Releases October 2020

 The She-Wolf

by Paul Féval - adapted by Nina Cooper -  read a chapter - cover by Michel Borderie. - 412 p. - US$32.95.

Towards the end of the 17th century, under the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV of France, in Brittany, Count Guy de Rohan is dispossessed of his great wealth and exiled due to the villainous schemes of the Royal Steward and Alain Polduc, a jealous relative. His son is dead, but his daughter, Valentine, remains. For fifteen years, using several different identities, including that of the She-Wolf, the mysterious leader of the rebellious Wolves of the Forest of Rennes, she organizes a web of intrigue, the sole of aim of which is to restore her daughter and her brother’s son to their rightful estate. Paul Féval’s The She-Wolf (1856), is a companion novel to his earlier novel, The White Wolf, and another thrilling contribution to the vast tapestry of the story of Brittany after the French Conquest.

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 The Miller of Carnac

by Comte Duclaux de L'Estoille - adapted by Brian Stableford - read a chapter - cover by Michel Borderie - 390 p. - US$29.95.

This is the first of three volumes of translations of Antoine-Louis Duclaux, Comte de L’Estoille (1835-1894). This book collects his earlier works, including the Breton fantasy The Miller of Carnac (1866), as well as a suite of Arabian Tales (1865), the prose poems of Symphony (1867), the defiantly experimental Fusains (1868), and the epic drama Vercingerorix (1868). A few modern critics have allotted L’Estoille a significant role in the development of the prose poem, between Bertrand’s Gaspard de la Nuit and Baudelaire’s Spleen de Paris, but have often neglected his significant contribution to the development of French fantasy.

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 Strangers #5: The Kingdom of Shivar

A HEXAGON COMICS STORY - written by Jean-Marc Lofficier - art & cover by Manuel Martin Peniche - 96 p. b&w - US$12.95

In this fifth volume of Strangers, the quest for the all-powerful Kera Weapon continues. The demonic KRUGE, usurper of the Twilight Throne, seeks to acquire it in order to consolidate its power. Helped by STORMSHADOW and the witch MORGANE, DICK DEMON is the first to find the clues to the location of Kera in the strange and indescribable Mirrorverse. Then, TANKA and MORGANE must invade the kingdom of Shivar, the merciless Lord of the Abyss. Finally, STARCYB, ZEMBLA and the PATROL OF THE DEPTHS enter the underground world of Kamandur. Guest-starring: the TIME BRIGADE.

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 Doc Ardan: The Fall of Inramonda

by Guy d'Armen - adapted & retold by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier - cover by Phil Cohen - 244 p. - US$20.95

In the summer of 1921, young doctor Francis Ardan and his father are exploring the most remote regions of Upper Siam (now Thailand), when they encounter a dying man whose skin is the color of jade. His revelations lead the intrepid father-and-son team to discover the existence of Inramonda, a secret, underground realm ruled by an immortal tyrant known as His Eternal Wisdom, whose subjects are a race of artificially created “Jade Men.” He plots to seize power in Southeast Asia. Scientist and world-saving explorer Doctor Ardan was created in 1928, five years before Doc Savage, by French author Guy d’Armen. The Fall of Inramonda, originally published in 1935, has been adapted by the award-winning team of Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier.

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