New Releases March 2021

 Barry Barrison, Ghost Detective: The Tarford Inheritance

by Philippe Pinon - adapted by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Nina Cooper -  read a chapter - cover by Eduardo Garcia  - 240 p. - US$20.95.

Barry Barrison perfected his deductive skills through the teachings of Sherlock Holmes, of whom he was a contemporary. Murdered by one of his peers, his ghost is cursed and forced to wander forever through his former home, Tarford Manor. But even today, he continues to investigate the strangest criminal cases with the help of young Terry, Angela, Mark Tarford, and psychic Maureen Simpson.

Barry Barrison is one of the characters from the universe of HEXAGON COMICS. This aristocratic ghost detective succeeds in carrying out its basic premise with a great deal of charm and cleverness.

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 Starlock / Homicron

story by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art & cover Mariano De La Torre; colors by Anthony Dugenest & Studio Cirque; - 54 p. color - US$12.95.

When STARLOCK was still a cosmic Guardian working for the Towers, he once had to fight the invincible SCILIX and his demonic hordes from Cepheus. However, he did not  meet that challenge alone. He was assisted by the ORIGINAL HOMICRON from Planet Alpha, and the mighty BRONZE GLADIATOR from Arena, whose planet was threatened by the unstoppable forces of Scilix…
Also included in this issue, in color for the first time ever, the SECRET ORIGINS of STARLOCK guest-starring STARCYB, HOMICRON and C.L.A.S.H.

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