New Releases: December 2022

 Tales of the Shadowmen #19: Demi-Monde

edited by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier. cover by Aurelien Maccarelli. 280 p. US$22.95.
Demi-Monde... A group of people on the fringes of respectable society, considered to be of doubtful social standing and morality... Among these are Harry Dickson, the so-called American Sherlock Holmes, gentleman-thief Arsène Lupin, spymaster Richard Hannay, Robur, the future Master of the World, the eccentric Doctor Omega, Fantômas, the Lord of Terror, the indomitable Maciste and the gallic sleuth Jules de Grandin... Together or separately, this colorful cast investigate the theft of the Brasher Bat and the haunting of the Louvre, deal with the appearance of a new Unholy Three and the Specter of the Valkyrie, listen to the adventures of a Russian Vampire in Mexico, fight a desperate battle against the Red Necromancer and the Gunfighter in the Iron Mask, and uncover a thief in Jules Verne's Floating City... All this, plus Lord Ruthven, the Ténèbre Brothers, Santo, Orpheus, Dr. Cornelius, D'Artagnan, Phileas Fogg, Erik, and the unflappable P.G. Wodehouse!

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 Kit Kappa #1

by Michele Gazzarri & Luciano Bernasconi; cover by Alfredo Macall. 80 p. b&w - US$12.95.

The only survivor of a plane crash over Tibet, young Kit Marson was raised by the Sages of Mohenjo Dar, descendants of Atlantis, living in the secret city of Kappa, hidden deep in a lost Tibetan valley. Upon reaching adulthood, after having mastered the martial arts taught by his teachers, and awakened the power of his third eye, Kit and his friend Tapley are sent into the world outside by the High Lama to fight the renegade Kappan, Darma. Inspired by the wave of martial arts films of the 1970s, Kit Kappa features a wandering master of kung fu in the tradition of Bruce Lee and David Carradine. This popular comics series was created in 1978 by writer Michele Gazzarri and artist Luciano Bernasconi.

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