New Releases November 2021

 Hexagon #2: War of the Immortals

by Romain d'Huissier - adapted by Jean-Mrc Lofficier - cover by Amar Djouad - excerpt - 244 p. - US$20.95.

Black Lys. Rakar. The Mysterious Archer. The Dark Flyer. Fred “Blackie” Sullivan. Ra. Together they form Hexagon, the world's most powerful team of superheroes!  Since Blackie’s recruitment, Hexagon is more powerful than ever! And now, with yet a new member in their roster, Ra, a mighty hero with psychic powers, the team must again face an alien attack on New York -- the first step in a plan to plunge the world into chaos...
Will Hexagon be up to this new challenge? Who is their mysterious enemy and who really hides behind the golden mask that covers his face? And above all, what does Ra know that could turn this perilous new adventure into THE WAR OF THE IMMORTALS! 

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 The Bronze Gladiator

story, art & cover by Christophe Ouvrard. 64 p. color - US$19.95.

You saw his origins in STRANGERS #0, you followed his adventures alongside the STRANGERS; now discover the conclusion of his saga. The exploits of Prince Starko, a.k.a. the BRONZE GLADIATOR, have come to the attention to KAHEZAR, the usurper who murdered his father to steal the throne of the far off planet Arena.
The return of the legitimate heir was inevitable, but the final confrontation between Starko and Kahezar still has many surprises in store...  This issue includes a bonus story about the Gladiator’s very first adventure after his arrival on Earth.

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