by Daniele Serra

Daniele Serra is a professional illustrator. His work has been published in Europe, Australia and the United States, and displayed at various exhibits in Italy. He has provided illustrations for author such as Brian Stableford, Rain Graves, Steven Savile, etc. He has also worked for DC Comics, Cemetery Dance, Weird Tales magazine and other publications.

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5.5x8.5 tpb, 60 pages
ISBN-10: 1-934543-87-X
ISBN-13: 978-1-934543-87-0

"Daniele Serra never ceases to amaze me. Everytime he illustrates a piece of my work he doesn't just draw a picture, he breathes life and heart into it. He captures the essence of pain, love, heartbreak and redemption on a single canvas. Clearly he has consorted with devils. No man should be this talented!"
Steven Savile,
International Bestselling Author of Silver and Shadow of the Jaguar

"Daniele Serra's artwork is soulful and enveloping, like a dark, warm hug from a long dead and much loved friend. It draws you into its world until you never want to leave."
Rain Graves,
Bram Stoker Award-winning poet*

"Daniele Serra's artistic vision takes the viewer on a trip into some dark, strange, and disturbing places--places where we might not choose to go alone, but are led into willingly with Serra as our tremendously talented guide. "
Jeff Mariotte, author of Desperadoes, Cold Black Hearts

"Epic, hypnotic, sensuous, dark and daring, as original as it gets . . . If Poe could draw, he'd be Daniele Serra!"
Alexander Besher, author of The Manga Man and the Rim Trilogy