Doctor Omega and The Shadowmen (Vol. 2)

edited by J-M. & R. Lofficier
based on the character created by Arnould Galopin

cover by Eduardo Garcia.

Doctor Omega pushed the lever forward and the celestial creature began to pulse and flicker violently...

US$ 22.95 /GBP 14.99
5x8 tpb, 304 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-314-9

Stories by Matthew Baugh, Atom Mudman Bezecny, David Friend, Martin Gately, Travis Hiltz, Paul Hugli, Jean-Marc Lofficier, Nigel Malcolm and John Peel.

The mysterious traveler through the aether known only as Doctor Omega was created by Arnould Galopin in 1906 in his eponymous novel, first published into English by Black Coat Press in 2003. 

Since then, many talented authors have created new adventures for him. This new collection presents fourteen Doctor Omega adventures. Follow the enigmatic Doctor from the swamps of Romney Marsh to the arid plains of Mars, from the City of Light to the furthest reaches of the cosmos, as he encounters a host of other heroes and villains such as Doctor Syn, Rotwang, Rick Blaine, the Lectroids, Professor Moriarty and the Little Prince...

Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Martin Gately: Wolf at the Door of Time.
Travis Hiltz: What Lurks in Romney Marsh?
Paul Hugli: As Time Goes By…...
Travis Hiltz: The Next Omega
Travis Hiltz: All Roads Lead to Mars. 
Atom Mudman Bezecny: The Revelation of the Yeti 
John Peel: Time to Kill
David Friend: Doctor Omega and the Future Museum.. 
Matthew Baugh: The Cubic Displacement of the Soul 
Travis Hiltz: These are the Voyages…...
Atom Mudman Bezecny: Orpheus Omega. 
Jean-Marc Lofficier: Foiled Again. 
Nigel Malcolm: When the Children Leave Home. 
Travis Hiltz: The Ghosts of Gascony. 
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