Rouletabille and The Mystery of the Yellow Room

by Gaston Leroux
adapted by J-M. & R. Lofficier

cover by David Rabbitte

"The Yellow Room was as tightly shut as a safe," said Rouletabille. "There can be no question of an opening of any kind. The door was bolted, the window and the shutters were shut-not even a fly could have gotten in or out. And yet, the murderer escaped. Indeed, it's a great, beautiful, and very strange mystery."

US$22.95/GBP 14.99
5x8 tpb, 292 p.
ISBN-10: 1-934543-60-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-934543-60-3

The Mystery of the Yellow Room is presented here in a new, unabridged and uncut translation by JM & Randy Lofficier, with 30 pages of original material translated for the first time.

It was written in 1907 by Gaston Leroux, the celebrated author of The Phantom of the Opera, and is one of the first and most dramatic locked room mysteries ever published.

It is the first novel starring the young crime-solving journalist Rouletabille and concerns a complex and seemingly impossible crime in which the criminal seems to disappear from a hermetically sealed room.

John Dickson Carr proclaimed The Mystery of the Yellow Room "the best detective tale ever written" and, in a 1981 poll of 17 famous mystery writers, it was voted as the third best locked room mystery of all time.

This edition includes a foreword by Beauty and the Beast author Jean Cocteau, an afterword about Rouletabille and The Return of Ballmeyer, an additional story guest-starring Arsène Lupin.

- Foreword by Jean Cocteau
- Le Mystere de la Chambre Jaune (1907) by Gaston Leroux
- The Return of Ballmeyer, or Arsène Lupin Arrives Too Late, a short story by J.-M. & Randy Lofficier
- Rouletabille: A Genius for Good, afterword by Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier

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