Tales of the Shadowmen 11: Force Majeure

edited by J-M. & R. Lofficier

cover by Mariusz Gandzel

US$22.95/GBP 14.99 - 6x9 tpb, 304 p. - ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-344-0

Matthew Baugh: Gilgamesh Revisited starring Doc Ardan, Zembla
Nathan Cabaniss: The Darkness in the Woods starring Joseph Balsamo, Dr. Syn
Matthew Dennion: Don't Judge a Book by its Title starring Ash, Baal
Brian Gallagher: The Trial of Van Helsing starring Boris Liatoukine, Carmilla
Martin Gately: Rouletabille and the New World Order starring Rouletabille, Buck Rogers
Emmanuel Gorlier: Once More, the Nyctalope starring The Nyctalope, Siegfried
Micah S. Harris & Loston Wallace: Meeting with the Mir Beg starring Rouletabille, Houdini
Travis Hiltz: All Roads Lead to Mars starring Dr. Omega, The Bent Eldil
Paul Hugli: Dream's End starring Barbarella, The Time Traveler
Rick Lai: Shadows Reborn starring The Shadow, L'Ombre
Nigel Malcolm: A Fistful of Judexes starring Bergerac, Judex
Christofer Nigro: The Noble Freak starring Felifax, Prof. Tornada
John Peel: Return to the Center of the Earth 2 starring Axel Lindenbrock, Ned Land, Von Horst
Pete Rawlik: The Ylourgne Accord starring Robert Peaslee, Dr. Cornelius
Frank Schildiner: Saint and Sinners starring Mephista, Simon Sinestrari
Sam Shook: A Professional Matter starring Arsene Lupin, Adam Adamant
David L. Vineyard: The Legacy of Arsene Lupin starring Arsene Lupin, The Saint
Jared Welch: The Revolutionary and the Brigand starring Lecoq, The Black Coats

Force Majeure! Two words which convey the notion of catastrophe, a sense of urgency, earth-shaking events when only the greatest of champions can successfully face off with the most cataclysmic of threats!

Here is Gilgamesh, the Lord of Bronze, challenged by the Devil Doctor... Arsene Lupin relentlessly pursued by the invincible Adam Adamant... The indomitable Joseph Rouletabille facing the most evil threats on Earth... Professor Lindenbrock and Ned Land fighting against all odds at the Earth's Core... The Nyctalope battling the Teutonic Gods themselves and Captain Vampire defying the entire population of the Vampire City! All this and Judex, Felifax and the Doctor Omega all involved in the fights of the lives!

In this eleventh volume of Tales of the Shadowmen, the only anthology dedicated to international heroes and villains of pulp literature, writers from Australia, England, France and the United States, pay homage to those great champions and master criminals who enchanted our adolescence.

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