The Wing

by Jean Richepin
adapted by Brian Stableford

cover: Jean-Felix Lyon

She had had a vision of Joson winged, wanting to fly toward her in order to ask her for the figures on electrical fertilization, and she had great difficulty stopping herself from crying out: "No! Don't fly like that! You'll have a horrible fall! Your wings are poor. It only needs one. That wing I shall furnish myself. Wait!"

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5x8 tpb, 324 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-053-1

The Wing, A Romance of the New Age (1911) is the story of the alerion, a flying machine capable of neutralizing gravity by harnessing Earth's telluric currents, powered by atomic disintegration and controlled by radio signals; but even more, it is the story of its inventors, their lives and loves, and the tragedies that bind them.

Jean Richepin was a member of the French Academy, and the author of several notable collections of fantastic stories. The Wing is a significant text in the history of French scientific romance, being one of the few literary responses to the uniquely exciting combination of the simultaneous development of the wireless, radioactivity and aviation, which suggested the dawn of a "new age."

L'Aile, Roman des Temps Nouveaux [The Wing, Novel Of Modern Times] (Lafitte, 1911)
Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford.

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