Chevalier Coqdor vs. The Zodiac


by Maurice Limat, Jean-Marc Lofficer & Jean-Michel Archaimbault
adapted by Michael Shreve
cover by Jean-Michel Ponzio

Chevalier Coqdor and Robin Muscat, the head of Interplan, the interplanetary police force of the Martervenux confederation, thought they were finished with the mysterious Zodiac organization which had displayed such strange and mysterious powers. They believed they had unlocked their awesome secret, older than mankind itself. And yet from Paris-sur-Terre to the catacombs of Aquarius, the battle  begins anew, and once more, the Zodiac puts the universe in deadly danger. It will take the extraordinary perseverance of the celebrated Star Knight and the fearless Commissioner of Interplan to finally unveil the true, ultimate mystery behind the Zodiac...

Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Le treizième signe du Zodiaque (The Thirteenth Sign of the Zodiac) by Maurice Limat (1969)

LE QUATORZIEME SIGNE DU ZODIAQUE (The Fourteenth Sign of the Zodiac) by J.-M. Lofficer & J.-M. Archaimbault  (2006)