Sherlock Holmes vs Fantomas (Stage Play)

by Pierre de Wattyne & Yorril Walter
adapted by Frank J. Morlock

cover by Daniele Serra

EMILY: The newspapers assure us that Fantômas doesn't exist. He is an invention of some French journalists.
DICKSON: Scotland Yard denies his existence because they're unable to catch him.

US$16.95/GBP 10.99
5x8 tpb, 180 pages
ISBN-10: 1-934543-67-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-934543-67-2

1907. A mysterious criminal known as Fantômas terrorizes London. Only Sherlock Holmes believes in his existence, and he has begun laying the groundwork to arrest him, but Fantômas strikes first, and murders the Great Detective in circumstances that point suspicion at an innocent man. A young Harry Dickson and Sherlock Holmes' niece, Emily, must expose Fantômas before Scotland Yard sends her fiancé to the gallows. But where the King of Detectives is concerned, there are always wheels within wheels...

This never-before-translated play was initially performed in Belgium in 1914 for a few weeks before World War I began and has never been restaged since. The play was translated and adapted by Frank J. Morlock, author of Sherlock Holmes: The Grand Horizontals in which Holmes also crosses swords with Fantômas.

The book includes an introduction, afterword and chronology of Fantômas by Jean-Marc Lofficier.

La Mort d' Herlock Sholmes, ou Bandits en Habits Noirs, by Pierre de Wattyne & Yorril Walter - a drama in 5 acts (1914).
Epilog by Frank J. Morlock
Foreword and Afterword by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Chronology of Terror - a Fantômas timeline by Jean-Marc Lofficier

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