Miss Musketeer

novel by Paul d'Ivoi

translated by Stuart Gelzer

cover by Roberto Castro

All seemed lost! But suddenly an azure fire was kindled on the ramparts of the Chinese citadel. A murmur ran through the mob… and then the besiegers abruptly dispersed, melting away into the night, scorning a victory that their adversaries considered inevitable. In the morning, they were stunned to discover that even the bodies of the fallen had vanished.

US$ 24.95 /GBP 18.99
6x9 tpb, 320 p.
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-108-4

Between 1894 and 1914, Paul d’Ivoi (1856-1915) wrote a series of 21 volumes, collectively entitled The Eccentric Voyages, clearly inspired by and updating Jules Verne’s classic Extraordinary Voyages.

While not quite matching Verne for verve and invention, d’Ivoi succeeded in appealing to a new generation of readers by updating many of the great author’s ideas, featuring among other concepts an airship with mobile wings, an amphibious mobile fortress, a super-submarine, various types of death rays, futuristic weapons and other mechanical sci-fi devices.

Miss Musketeer (1907) is the second volume of The Eccentric Voyages to be published by Black Coat Press, after Around the World on Five Sous (1894), the first in the series, with two more volumes planned, in order to illustrate d’Ivoi’s not insignificant contribution to the French roman scientifique.

Miss Musketeer is the concluding chapter of a trilogy dealing with the revolt of Asia and the attempts by a powerful pan-Asiatic secret society, the Amber Masks, to throw off the yoke of the Western colonizers. Armed with a variety of advanced weaponry, the Amber Masks are only opposed by a motley band of fearless heroes: the intrepid Turkic adventurer Dodekhan, master of a rival secret society, that of the Blue Flag, the French popular writer Max Soleil, and, most of all, Max’s girlfriend, the young, indomitable British millionairess, Miss Violet Musketeer!


Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier
Bibliography of “Les Voyages Excentriques”.
The Story So Far…..
MISS MUSKETEER (Miss Mousqueterr) (1907)

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