The Last Days of Atlantis 1: The Soul of Soroe

by Frank Schildiner

cover by Mike Hoffman

Introduction by Jean-Marc Lofficier

Map by Ben Spurling

“This is Soroe,” Ruslem said, bowing as he spoke to the Queen, “Last of the line of Argall."

US$ 22.95 / GBP 19.99
5x8 tpb, 288 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-046-9

In ancient days, before Atlantis fell beneath the waves, a terrible event heralded the beginning of the end. Nohor, high priest of the Temple of Gold and Iron, demanded the sacrifice of the children of Atlantis as appeasement to his demon god, Apophis. Standing in his path was Soroe, descendent of the legendary Priest-Queen. At the instigation of the evil Queen Yerra, she set upon a quest to find the long-lost artifact known as the “Soul of Soroe.”
Meanwhile, a distant descendent of the first King of Atlantis, a warrior of the frigid north named Argall, leaves his frozen wastes with his band of warriors. They seek distant Atlantis, but find themselves waylaid by a race of immortal mystics who amuse themselves through gladiatorial games. Argall finds himself pitted against horrific monsters and the undefeated champion of the games, a mysterious masked man known as the Accursed One…
The Soul of Soroe is the first in a series of sword and sorcery novels based on the 1905 French fantasy classic, The Last Days of Atlantis by Charles Lomon & P.-B. Gheusi.

The Soul of Soroe (2021)
Map of Atlantis by Ben Spurling
Encyclopaedia by Frank Schildiner