Paris in the Year 2000

by Dr. Tony Moilin
adapted by Brian Stableford

cover by Vincent Laik

I confess that the Paris that is in question in this work bears little resemblance to present-day Paris. To all the incredulous individuals who find my reforms too radical and impossible to realize, I will only say one thing in reply: that between now and then, 131 years will go by, and during that long lapse of time, more than one revolution might occur, and bring about many changes.

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5x8 tpb, 152 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-160-6

Paris en l'an 2000 by Doctor Tony Moilin was published in 1869. A year later, Moilin was charged with involvement in a plot to assassinate Napoléon III and sentenced to prison for five years. He was liberated during the Prussians' siege of Paris, and enlisted in the National Guard as a surgeon. When the Commune took control of Paris, Moilin agreed to accept the position of Mayor of the 6th arrondissement. He was taken prisoner when the Commune fell, court-martialed, ostensibly for having accepted the administrative post, and summarily executed by firing-squad. He was thirty-nine years old.

The publication of Paris en l'an 2000 was likely a factorin prompting the French authorities to trump up a charge and then execute Moilin, for scrupulous accounts of ideal socialist societies such as the one described in this book often horrify and terrify readers opposed to them, sometimes arousing an uncommonly violent indignation.

Paris en l'an 2000 par le Dr Tony Moilin (1869)
Introduction and Notes by Brian Stableford.

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