The Bronze Gladiator


- THE RETURN OF THE BRONZE GLADIATOR (story: Jean-Marc Lofficier; art: Christophe Ouvrard)

- THE TRIUMPH OF THE BRONZE GLADIATOR (story & art: Christophe Ouvrard)

The exploits of Prince Starko, a.k.a. the BRONZE GLADIATOR, alongside the Strangers, have come to the attention to KAHEZAR, the usurper who murdered his father to steal the throne of the far off planet Arena.
The return of the legitimate heir is now inevitable, but the final confrontation between Starko and Kahezar still has many surprises in store for the two men...
At last, the adventures of the BRONZE GLADIATOR find their conclusion in an epic 44-page finale written and drawn by Christophe OUVRARD.
This issue includes a bonus story about the Gladiator’s first adventure after his arrival on Earth.

7x10 squarebound comic, 64 pages color
ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-069-8. US$19.95