The Lunatic Legion

THE LUNATIC LEGION by Jean-Marc Lofficier, David Lafuente & Cyril Bouquet; cover by Juan Roncagliolo Berger.

- LO! THE LUNATIC LEGION! by Jean-Marc Lofficier & Cyril Bouquet
- THE LUNATIC LEGION LIVES AGAIN!  by Jean-Marc Lofficier & David Lafuente
- Dossier: UNCLE RUFUS by Raffaele Paparella.

In the tradition of HOWARD THE DUCK and THE INFERIOR FIVE, meet the oddest superheroes ever – Baron Sarcasm, a Scrooge-like, wealthy, cantankerous elderly man living in a castle somewhere in the French countryside; his niece, the pretty, spunky Mademoiselle Mademoiselle, also a brilliant inventor, her teenage son Gizmo, and their cousin, a gentle giant nicknamed Captain Camembert. 

Together, they built a rocket in their backyard shed in 1954, went exploring into outer space, and returned today, having barely aged a day, now transformed into… The Lunatic Legion! But are they the same astronauts who left half a century ago?

Discover the origins of the Lunatic Legion, previously introduced in Phenix #1, and its first adventures with two stories by writer Jean-Marc Lofficier, French artist Cyril Bouquet, and Spanish artist David Lafuente, known for his work on Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man and The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong.

7x10 squarebound comic, 52 pages n&b
ISBN-13: 978-1-61227-873-5. US$10.95 / GBP 8.99